Dark Matter – Umbrella Winter City Sounds

Dark Matter – Umbrella Winter City Sounds

Following the success of last year’s Hypothermia event as part of Music SA’s Umbrella Winter City Sounds, this month Z Ward will be host to a night of art and music quite different to anything we’ve hosted before.

“DARK MATTER will host a myriad of demanding performances and installations in the realm of experimental art deep inside the former asylum, the Z-Ward. Featuring live acts, live projections, visual exhibitions, cell installations, DJs, booze, wine and soup.”

Featuring sound from Kusum Normoyle (Syd), Isomer, Eyes More Skull Than Eyes, Darknife, Biles, Michael Ellingford, Josh Warry, Phildo and art from Olivia Kathigitis, Nuss (Syd) Kelly Rose, Baby Teefff, Bad Babu, Matea Gluscevic, Kerri-Ann Wright, Capital Waste Pictures and much more.

Friday 21 July, 6.00pm,

Ticket are available via Moshtix