Night Tours

Night Tours

Z Ward has long been a fascination for those interested in the paranormal and Ghosts, and the question asked… is it really haunted? Join us, in this unique opportunity to explore this building and make up your own mind.

Completed in 1885 and shut in 1973, this stand-alone building with its impressive and inescapable Ha-Ha wall, housed many of the State’s violent and criminally insane patients. No wonder it has gained a reputation for ghosts and strange goings on.

Night Tours are offered by Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons (awarded best tour operator at last year’s South Australian Tourism Awards).  For availability and bookings visit the Haunted Horizons website

The night tour includes:
1.  Free time to explore and take photos
2.  A guided tour around the building, listening to basic history and ghostly tales.  We will share what the ghost hunts uncovered.
3.  Try our famous ‘Lock down’ – where you get to go into individual cells on your own. (not compulsory).

Z Ward Ghost Tour Reviews

“The Z Ward tour was brilliant, Alison and Kag were friendly and great to talk to. The tour was informative, whilst not trying to sensationalise anything. Thank you for a wonderful night, I know my family will being going on another tour with you very soon.” ~Sue Mitton, Adelaide

“We just went on the Z Ward tour, at Glenside, and it was absolutely amazing.  Definitely had experiences with the other side, myself being touched.  I was a massive sceptic, not anymore!  The tour guides were lovely and welcoming and Alison knows her stuff!  Lovely lady, who makes the whole tour, extra fun!”
~ Stacy Sandy, Adelaide